Hello there and welcome to my play ground. Im a 21 year old girl from the north. Don't be a stranger: talk to me.
How do I love myself


Act like you do. Go to your favourite places. Eat your favourite food. Cut people out of your life who serve you no good. Spend your time with people who uplift your spirits. Do things you want to do. Take pictures of yourself. Talk to yourself like you love yourself, tell yourself you’re pretty and perfect and that you love yourself unconditionally - even if you don’t think so, fake it till you make it. Sleep enough. Love yourself the way you’d want someone else to love you. It takes time and it’s a process but it’s worth it<3 x

@staysanegetfit tagged me and now Im going to list five things that are awesome about me and then tag my ten newest followers. Well here it goes. 

1) I laugh alot.

2) I can alot of random facts.

3) I care about others.

4) I can touch my nose with my tongue. 

5) Im a fighter.

Ten newest followers:

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